Stocking Inventory Solution

What was required

One of our customers required the organisation and controlled management of stock for an Oil and Gas company.

What difference we made

We manufacture various precision machined components for oil and gas in high volumes to our customer. Because of the surge in our customers orders and an influx of orders across the parts range, we worked with our customer to stock control their parts at various stages of the production process.

This means our customer now has the ability to deliver their parts to their customers with a 1-week lead time. Holding stock parts on our shelf at different stages of production allowed us to deliver to our customer within 3 days of the parts being ordered!


  • Small Highly complex engineered components in large quantities
  • Stock control
  • Material availability
  • 100% on time delivery


  • EDM Zones expertise and knowledge of Wire and Spark erosion
  • Designated racking and storage solutions
  • Holding material in stock
  • An intuitive live scheduling system for full traceability of parts and components throughout the factory at any stage of production.

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