Wire EDM

The process of wire erosion enables us to cut difficult to machine conductive materials with tremendous accuracy. Parts can be from less than 0.5mm up to 650mm in thickness and very small from a few grams up to 3000kg in weight. Wire erosion can cut tungsten carbide, exotic alloys, titanium and aluminium – in fact as long as it conducts electricity it can be cut with Wire EDM. Available to you is a full suite of high specification Mitsubishi Machines, with a 1300mm x 1000mm x 670mm tank capacity.

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CNC Spark Erosion

For all of your CNC Spark Erosion needs, our exceptional team of toolmakers can solve any problem, irrespective of it’s complexity. This could be minor jobs such as removing a broken tap to cutting a blind keyway. The technicians at EDM Zone are highly regarded as specialists by our competitors; with many sub-contracting their CNC Spark Erosion work to us.

Our sparking capacity of 314mm x 205mm x 420mm allow us to offer a holistic service for all your CNC Sparking requirements.

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CNC Machining

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